We shorten the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Terra started with the purpose of making the voice of the small business owner heard. Our goal is to give our brands the lift they need to make their mark, in order to be the inclusive change they wish to see in the world.

We hit a home run when we create measurable results driven both by data and human connection. We go for the home run every time.

Why we are different

We love working with people that are striving to make their mark, people that want to start a legacy their customers will be inspired by, and are ready to take the first step to get there.


You can trust that you’ll have a willing partner on the other side working hard for your success. Because Terra’s end destination is beyond just getting the job done, it’s to provide inspiring work that pursues your vision and for your customer base to take action.


We believe the more collaborative, the better. We are invested in your success.


We build work that stands to last. Equal thought is given to strategy, analytics, and design.


We believe transparency is key throughout our projects. You’re in safe hands.


We want our work to make anyone who interacts with it to dream big, and follow your story.

Hey, it’s Caroline, the owner around here.

I love collaborating with passionate people.   


The experience I’ve gained makes me prioritize each brands’ unique value. Every story we come into contact with has the potential to be powerful. I love highlighting my clients’ stories to help push them into their stride and grow with confidence. 


I’m based in Atlanta, GA. When I’m not on the clock, catch me hiking a new trail with my dog, Keena, or testing new flavors at local breweries around town.

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