Alex, owner of Atlanta Women’s Barbell Club, has trained hundreds of women to get stronger, mentally and physically. With her entrepreneurial mindset and passion for her business, she was starting to outgrow her resources and needed help expanding her brand and online presence to reflect her growth.


She was being spread thin and was at the risk of burning out. Doing the minimum marketing she needed originally to get herself started, Alex was now ready to partner with someone capable of updating her digital marketing to match her professional prowess.


  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design + Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Illustration
  • Collateral Design

The Goal

To have an engaging online presence that exemplified her inclusive and adaptable brand. This was prioritized so she could organically build her pipeline and have it ready for when she expanded her services. She also wanted to solidify her brand for when she started hiring in order to attract the right culture fit and have a foundation for her employees to unify under. 

The Solution

We created a brand identity kit to awaken AWBC’s branding and to guide her marketing strategy in the future. We accompanied this by creating Email & Instagram kits for her to be able to grow her digital marketing independently including deliverables like templates, color palettes, and campaign ideas.


Knowing Alex needed a more automated sales funnel so she could spend more energy on big picture items, we focused on optimizing her website. We also translated her brand identity into a one-pager for her employees to digest and understand how their day to day role was relevant to AWBC’s values. 

How We Did it

We met with Alex weekly to remain consistent with her goals guaranteeing she was more than satisfied with the direction we were headed in. Starting first with her overall business strategy, we dug deep into what her brand needed to reflect. This also unfolded our decision to do such a big content push online, like creating templates and getting her started on an Instagram series, and blog series, so she could more readily be the online influencer she needed to be.


We researched her competitors and target audience to understand the positioning she needed to take to stand out. Ultimately, we found that AWBC’s strengths stand on being extremely adaptable and inclusive. We updated her website to reflect these values as well as her new visual brand. We wanted her home page to be more concise and more reflective of her conversion goal, to sign up with the club. To do so, we pointed the big call to actions to her signup page, and highlighted her value proposition and positioning statement more clearly to create a more straightforward path for her potential clients.


Alex’s immediate campaigns we worked on were a blog series and Instagram series to show transparently Atlanta Women’s Barbell Club’s purpose, mission, and vision to foster an authentic relationship with her followers. This was harmonious with her branding and allowed for a streamlined creation process. 

Kind Words From the Client

When I came to Caroline initially for help on my business, I was lost on which direction to grow my business in, exhausted from constantly working in my business and not on my business for years, and a sense of staleness from the day-to-day. This resulted in not having a clear vision of how my actions contributed to my ultimate growth. I had even started considering another line of work because I was so burned out. I expected that working with Caroline would mean getting advice on what to say on social media, how to design some business cards, and a new logo to make things a bit prettier. What I got was so much more than that! 
The birds-eye view she provided on the why behind my business was not only concretely helpful for how to use the right verbiage to promote my business, but also instilled a renewed sense of enjoyment and purpose in me as a business-owner. By refining why I was doing what I was doing, the marketing piece actually fell into place quite naturally. Which was a surprise, as promoting myself has never felt organic (and even enjoyable) before. Caroline honed in the vision I had for my business better than I had ever done so myself; visually, ideologically, and verbally. She gave me all the tools I needed to be able to continue to grow and market my business on my own, but the most valuable thing she gave me was my voice back in my business! 

– Alex Beasley


Owner of Atlanta Women’s Barbell Club