The Branding Identity Kit.


This kit is one of the most comprehensive options out there for branding; all the while being competitively priced. We believe our process has refined what’s needed to truly position your voice above the competition and resonate with your target audience.

It consists of 3 main functions.

Strategy       Voice       Visual


  • Analysis Of Your Business, Competitors, And Audience
  • Your Purpose, Mission, and Vision

This is where positioning happens and why our clients see ROI. It’s critical for us to create this solid base in our branding foundation.


  • Brand personality
  • tone
  • keywords
  • tagline

What you look like is only the half of it. Ever seen an attractive person from across the room and then after your first hello’s, quickly realize they have nothing of substance to offer? Yeah. It’s like that. Don’t disappoint your potential customers by just standing on your visual brand. What are you going to say to them after you have them reeled in?


  • Logo Creation + two rounds of  revisions 
  • Sub-logo
  • Typography
  • Colour palette
  • Patterns/Graphics/Icons
  • Imagery inspiration

How do you translate what your brand is for others to see? These are the eye-catchers, the first impressions for your company. Visualize what it’s like to be a part of your community.

Website Creation + conversion optimization

  • A custom-designed, conversion driven, mobile-responsive site
  • SEO Services

Your website right now is your most relevant way to communicate your message in these fragmenting times. Is it still saying what you need it to say to connect with your customers? If you need to revise or start from scratch, we’re ready to help.

Digital Marketing kits

Social Kit

  • Social calendar
  • social media templates 
  • Instagram story templates
  • Social media profile images
  • Social media cover image templates
  • Copy examples


Email marketing kit

  • Email Signature
  • Email Graphics
  • Newsletter Template
  • Lead Inbound Organizer
  • Copy examples
First, we decide which email marketing strategy is right for your audience. We ask questions like, are they a current or potential customer? Where are they in the buyer’s journey? What questions are they most likely to have about your offerings?

Once we decide whether a newsletter or drip campaign is more relevant for your goal, we go to work creating custom email design and copy. We typically make up to 2 revisions for the editing process.

Next, we do a consultation for which email software to use, our favorite is Mailchimp, and how to organize your inbound leads to automate your process.

Finally, we monitor the conversions and analytics of the emails we have now built together, and prove our results.

These services are offered as add-ons to our packages or as retainer services for ongoing campaigns. Talk to us to see how to customize our services to match your needs!

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